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Watching ncis, I noticed that the guy I really do like thinks of me like a little sister and I guess I only like him as a brother too, like the brother I never had because my brother is an asshole. So are both my sisters.

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So the app says I'm somewhere I'm not

The app is saying I'm at 119 ranch trail west and that is actually two streets away from my current location. So I have also discovered that blogging is really just a place for people to whine about their day, and I plan on using it differently because all though I do enjoy whining but a lot of people probably don't want to read about your problems. In fact, most people are glad you have them.

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Got the app

So I'm testing out the live journal app and I have no clue what all the little buttons do yet. So this is basically my checking out all the buttons.

Ok, so one does pictures... This, by the way, is Ryan Ross, former guitarist of panic at the disco and current member of the young veins.

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Raised From The Dusty Grave

We have raised our old ps2 from the back of the closet because we wanted to play battlefront (that starwars game) and it was an older version not available on xbox 360. we had like a huge box of games too. we ended up playing games like sims 2 and jak 2, jak 3 ect. it was really fun and the playstation will probably remain hooked up next to the gamecube in my room. the xbox 360 is still in my brothers room and the wii is still downstairs although no one really plays the wii anymore. we are currently just waiting for my sister to go to work so we can steal rockband. like really, we all have laptops, iTouches and the best thing we can think of doing is playing ps2. that's pathetic on a certain level i hoped never to reach, but hey, im there now and its fucking great. i feel like a complete idiot running around as master yoda on a game killing cis droids. Check that. its the past's future of starwars gaming. The original battlefront. holy shitte.

Fake Nails

Sure fake nails look nice because they're all pretty and air-brushed but when you are trying to type, like I am now, or text, like I just was, they are a pain in the ass. I have this set on that are black with silver and white stars and they are really pretty but trying to type, god it sucks. I dont want to take them off because it hurts like hell . they're glued on not taped. Nail glue is basically pink super glue.

Writer's Block: Party Time

What was the last great party you attended?
That would definately have to be the Nickelback Dark Horse tour concert. Although it was a concert, it was one hell of a party.

Writer's Block: The Best

What's the best thing you've seen or done this month?
The best thing I've seen this month would have to be this. www.youtube.com/watch. Its Gerard Way drunk playing kickball in a parking lot. xD love it.

NickelBack Dark Horse Tour

On July 10th I was able to attend the first show of Nickelback's Dark Horse tour with Papa Roach, Saving Abel and Hinder. Each band had played some songs off their newest album along with some of their old hits. Nickelback had amazing pyrotechnics. They had flames and fireworks of all colors. It was so much fun. People sitting on the lawn had beachballs going. An amazing 21,000 people had attended this event. What I would give to go again. It was a very impressing show at Darien Lake's proforming arts center

The New Panic At The Disco and The Split

I was listening to Brendon and Spencer's demo of 'Oh Glory' and I really like it. I can't wait to hear Jon and Ryan's new stuff too. I'm sad they split but, if that was what is best for each of them I can't argue because I'm sure both Brendon and Spencer, and Jon and Ryan will blow me away with their music. www.panicatthedisco.com/ You can find their 'Oh Glory' demo here, its at the bottom of the page, I, personally, like it.

Niagara Gorge And Excersize

Hiking in the Niagara Gorge. Jesus, don't even know what to say. I know why they call the one trail "Devil's Hole". If you don't already know where it is it'll take you forever to find it. When first starting off, you're looking forward to your day at the gorge. Going down all those steps seemingly goes un-noticed until you have to climb back up. All I can say is, hiking there is not for the very out of shape person. I mean, really, I know its nice to be in nature, but nature doesn't need to have 500 something stairs. If I wanted to go up stairs I could have gone to the gym and used the stair master. Where are those people going? They're going up! And they pay for it, they can stay there as long as they want. I'm not a work out person, but i get it. You have your arm machines and your leg machines. But the stair master? In the words of Denis Leary "What's next? The fucking door master? I open a door, I close the door. The chair master, I sit down I get up, I sit down I get up." But, the Niagara Gorge does have a nice view, here's a picture we took from the bottom. Getting to the bottom took quite a long time seeng as we started 430 feet up, at the top of the gorge. I almost fell on my face once, only because we were on wet rocks and they were really slippery.


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